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Blues Krug has pre-arthritic changes in left ankle

Under-fire Babar Azam's future as the captain of Pakistan's white-ball teams remains uncertain. In the wake of their early exit, Babar has come under pressure despite having just reassumed captaincy, but he said he was going to make any call only after meeting and reviewing the World Cup with the decision-makers at the PCB.

"When I gave up the captaincy [in 2023], I thought that I shouldn't be doing it now, that's why I left it and I announced it myself," Babar said. "Then when they gave it back to me, it was the decision of the PCB. When I go back, we will discuss all that has happened here. And if I have to leave the captaincy, I will announce it openly. I will not hide behind anything. Whatever happens will happen in the open. But for now, I have not thought about it. It is eventually PCB's decision."

Babar was asked if he took the responsibility for the early exit as the captain. "I told you that we did not lose this because of one particular person," Babar said. "We win and lose as a team. You are pointing out that [I am] the captain, but I cannot play in every player's place. There are 11 players, and each of them has a role. That's why they came here to play the World Cup. I think we have not been able to play well as a team. We have to settle down and accept that we didn't play well as a team.

"We accept that we didn't play according to the expectations. The kind of team we had, the experience we had, we haven't been able to deliver at different times. As a player and as a captain, I am not going to single [anyone] out. The fault lies with all 15. We will sit and review. As a captain, my responsibility is to give my feedback to the decision-makers."

Babar was again asked who should be held responsible: captain, coach or selectors. "You can't put the blame on one person," Babar said. "We didn't play well as a team. We did well in patches. Everybody is disappointed. We are as disappointed as the fans. It is not one individual's fault."